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Thread: Design help

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    Lightbulb Design help

    I am making upgrades to my tripod hama star 75
    It is a terribly cheap tripod and has fatal flaws and my solution to fix them is this

    1. I will add a hook onto the bottom of them main pipe [blue circle]. This way I can put hang my bag there that makes the tripod more heavy which is more stable. It looks like this Autodesk Fusion 360 (Personal - Not for Commercial Use) 2. 7. 2020 12_14_25.jpg

    2 I will add a circle gimbal part at the end of each leg so that it is always parlel to the ground. That part looks like this Autodesk Fusion 360 (Personal - Not for Commercial Use) 2. 7. 2020 12_14_43.jpg. You can see it has a ball joint which will turn based on the rotation of the tripod leg.

    I have few questions

    If the hook is 1 cm thick will it break if I print it with PLA?
    How should I attach the parts to the body of the tripod which is cylindrical, can I print screw holes and then screw the part onto the tripod?
    Is there any other way to attach the hook other than to screw it in.
    My original plan was get this ... to hot glue the parts onto the tripod which would probably work for the legs but definitely not for the hook. The glue simply hasn't got enough surface area because when the tripod is fully extended there is only a 5mm gap

    If you want to checkout the cad file: Fusion

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    Have the hook attach to the base of a printed plate. On the opposite side of the plate have Three hooks so the plate (and original hook) hangs from the horizontal leg braces. This way (or similar - I was thinking 'pipe' with cutouts), the fixture will not be permanent, will be transferable to other tripods and easily transportable.

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