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    Should I convert my mill, or is it worth it these days?

    I have a cnc mill that I designed and built myself about a year ago. Very rigid aluminum frame, heavy duty ballscrews and linear rails, nema 23 steppers. It is extremely accurate with basically no backlash. Runs on mach3, cad/cam my parts on fusion360.
    I'm curious if this would be worth using as a printer with a detachable head so I can switch between milling or printing. Or would it even perform better than one of the printers out there for a few hundred bucks? My machine is very rigid, but from my understanding, it doesn't really matter with printing. Mainly what I'm wondering is if the high quality ballscrews and rails on my machine will make for significantly better print quality than a few hundred dollar printer. If not, I probably won't bother and I'll just buy a separate printer. Thoughts?

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