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    Katrina_Memorial Guest

    Complete novice, help me make a memorial!

    Hi all, complete noob question here from someone with no experience in 3D printing. My cat recently passed away, and Iím keen to make a life sized bronze statue of her. Iíve read that you can make a printable 3D model from photos, and Iím exploring if this is a reasonable option. So my idea is:

    1) Take a bunch of old photos of her and plug them into some sort of 3D photo software engine to generate a model. These would be standard cellphone pics taken on a reasonably recent phone, but they are NOT taken for this purpose, itíd be a large collection of more or less random pictures, from random angles, distances, poses, etc. I also have videos if this is helpful in any way.
    2) Get (or create) a 3D model of a Siamese / Oriental cat, possibly using a cellphone 3D ďscanningĒ app.
    3) Overlay step 1 from the neck up on step 2, and tidy up (in Blender???)
    4) Pay someone to print this in bronze.

    So my uninformed questions are:

    1) Is all of the above feasible? Especially the creation of a model of her head using old photos.
    2) Is all of this something a hobbyist can potentially do, or would I need to hire someone to do all the software / modelling work?
    3) Are there any resources for an existing 3D Siamese cat model?
    4) Does anyone have a very general idea of how much itíd cost to pay someone to print a (small) life sized cat in bronze?

    Thanks very much for any help and advice you might be able to offer.

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