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    Choosing my First Printer

    Hi guys, big noob here looking for advice.

    I'm a CAD machine designer guy (modelling, drafting, GDT), and I have never owned a 3D printer before. I am not familiar with the processes of bed leveling, how to implement a heated bed, etc. I'm buying a printer to produce car parts such as interior trim pieces, wheel centercaps, wiring harness support brackets, etc.

    I have a budget of up to 1000 CAD (700 USD), which I suppose puts me into the "mid-range" of 3D printer? This budget is a bit flexible. I own lots of tools and I can build a printer if it comes in a box of parts.

    I need to print PETG. Maybe one day I'll try others like Nylon or ASA or TPU, but those aren't really necessary.

    I need a not-small print volume. Looking to make parts that are about 300 x 300 x 300 [mm]. Some parts will be much larger, and I'll have to glue multiple prints together to make the part.

    I plan to lightly sand the finished prints, and use wood filler to smooth them out and to prepare them for primer and paint. Is that easily achievable with PETG?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, whether its a printer recommendation, or any other tips you might have for me. Thanks!

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