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    Bed Adhesion Issues?

    So I have been printing small projects for about a year now. *I decided to do a 5 part project and it was doing really well on the first half of the project. *Then I started with these adhesion issues. *

    I have a TAZ 6, using nGen ColorFab. *Recommended setup is 230c Nozzle, Bed 85c. *I use Glue Stick, from a lot, to little. *I get different results with different colors within nGen ie. Gray Metallic always has problems. *So does Silver Metallic. *Black, White and Red colors seem to work better, however I you can see in the pics I was having a good print with Black but then when I woke in the morning, it was off the bed and warped. *

    I have tired 60c, 85c and 70c bed temps. *I've tried painters tape. *I've tried 245c nozzle. *I have adjusted the print first layer. *I've made sure the Z Axis is level. *I have adjusted the Z Offset and I have tried to adjust the first layer in the slicer. *I'm using CuraLE. *High Detail, print height 0.18 and first layers 0.36. *UGH>>>>>>>. I don't know what to do next....


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