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    Smile How bad is a cheap 3D printer?

    Before buying a cheap 3d printer always ask yourself these questions!

    1: What type of support are you getting?

    2: Does it come with a warranty?

    3: Ask to view Sample Prints, Print Quality, and Capabilities

    4: look at Specs, Construction,

    5: build size ( most cheap printers have a small print volume does this suit what you will be using it for?

    The trouble is that people who donít understand all of the common problems most cheap printers have, think that price point for a decent machine is too high, but for small production runs, there really isnít any comparison.I hope that as the consumer market matures, customers will look to higher quality machines that may be a little more expensive, but will save them huge amounts of time and stress.

    For more head over to check out: Buying Guide for Desktop 3D Printer

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    You could never deem a cheap 3D printer to be an ineffective one. It all depends on the quality of the prints it offers, its resolution and the number of printing materials it supports.

    For instance, people do buy cheap 3D printing kits, but they experience no problems whatsoever when printing an object.

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