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    Anycubic Mega S Extruder issue

    Hello I just got my first printer and looking for advice on the following,

    I am using the Anycubic Mega S with the Cubic slicing software. ive printed the test owls and a couple other downloaded files with no problem at all. I designed a sign for my shop and it has gone horribly from the beginning. the first time I printed it I left it overnight to wake up to it sideways, heavily distorted and 2 of the leveling adjustment knobs off. figured that the knobs falling off was the problem. I adjusted the z motor height so that I could make the knobs tight and hopefully avoid them being too loose. tried it again and the extruder tip would burry itself into the print after about 3 passes causing the PLA to ball up. I adjusted the speed and temperature and restarted the print. it was better but not great. I let it run just to see what would happen. after (mostly) successfully printing the first 4 or 5 layers it started to burry the extruder again and then it completely moved off the design. I attached some pictures to hopefully show whats happening.
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