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    actual extruder temperature below set point

    I've printed PLA for a few years on my Leapfrog Dual with decent results.
    Recently I attempted printing ABS and the machine worked ok on small parts but it jammed up half way through a larger one (not large by any standards though).
    From what I could tell it seemed that the hot end wasn't hot enough leading to the filament bunching up at the hot end intake.
    I used a known good thermometer and took a few readings as follows (all in centigrade):

    Setting Reading
    190 175
    200 190
    210 194
    225 200
    250 225
    275 255

    Close values on both hot ends (this machine has two extruders).

    I suppose I could apply a "correction" factor to my temperature settings, but I was wondering if this is typical or what.
    The thermometer I used has a tiny thermocouple that I held a minute (until reading stabilized) right on the aluminum block and next to the nozzle.

    Thanks for reading.

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