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    Question Which 3D printer should I buy?

    Hello, I want to buy my first 3D printer, and I am a little bit lost in this world, i saw this three models:

    I was thinking to buy the Ender 3, because is I saw that it is better than the ANYCUBIC I3 Mega, is this true?,and well is cheaper than the Ender 5, but i dont know if the diference of price is worth or not.

    The problem is that recently i saw the Anet A8, that is really cheap, around 95€ in ebay. So now i am really lost because i read that the ender is better and easier to install. But is quite cheaper.
    anet a8 en venta | eBay

    I dont know if there are online shops where i can find those printers cheaper. And what is you recomendation for the first printer? any of this models or there are better ones?

    Thanks for the help.

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