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    3D-printed capacitors made of interlacing conductive filament

    There are conductive filament for 3D printers which seem to have between 30 and 115 ohm/centimeter resistance depending on the axis. (Proto-Pasta conductive PLA)

    They can be 3D printed as a capacitor of 2 cubicly-interlacing-but-not-touching matrices as follows, with one negative and one positive:

    Does it have useful properties? I figure probably it could already be done, but here maybe it can be done at home simply and relatively cheaply, and so I wonder what that does, if someone can figure it out. I don't have yet the equipment to try. With a cheap printer I can't imagine doing more than 2x20x20x20 cubes, inside 20 * 20 * 20cm, with 1cm per side. I know that's surely not much compared to normal caps rolled onto themselves. I tried it with normal filament. The bridging is tricky, but it can be done, so I wonder about the theory.
    . May be do some good help to my research.

    Sorry, I only have a cheap smartphone, and cheap printer.

    An interesting thing about 3D printers is that it can create shapes of things nested one into the other. But I don't understand capacitors and so it's possible the effect cancels out and that it's of no use as it is, or that the standard plate-against-plate is better. Now I am considering getting some capacitors from Nichicon, like

    Anyway, I'll be trying it eventually, or at the least, a standard configuration.

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    In a capacitor proximity of the surfaces and that the separator be a dielectric material is crucial in getting any useful capacitance in a given size, you would get far better, far cheaper, far quicker results rolling foil sheets with a dielectric separator.
    This is not a very good application for that particular "Filament Looking For a Viable Use"

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