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    New to 3D print, problems with Longer LK4 Pro (aka Alfawise U30 PRO)

    Hi to all,

    I'm new to 3D print (few months) and I have troubles with my LK4 Pro, I couldn't connect it to my PC.

    I've tried Cura 4.6, Repeiter-Host V2.1.6, Printrun 18Nov2017 but I cannot connect properly the printer to the pc, sometimes I can launch the print but usually I have no answer from the printer (Printurun is stuck on connecting).

    I've tried all of the baudrate, it seems to work only with 115200 but non every time.

    If you have any advices I'll be grateful

    (Hope to had write it in a decent english)

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    Aug 2020
    hi I am also relatively new to 3d printing but I have a few suggestions
    have you tried it in a different usb port (on the pc)?

    have you tried it in a different usb cable?

    have you tried a different computer? some software may cause conflicts

    as a last dich my printer sometimes has issues when if you plug it in when it is doing something it glitches and wont accept any commands from either the computer or the screen so i have to reboot it.

    if you leave the usb plugged in when turning on the printer then try plugging it in after it boots up.

    if you don't leave the usb plugged in when you turn it on try plugging it in before you turn on.

    if none of these work you could try using sd or usb or what ever your printer uses to see if the main board is fine. if it is then it may be a loose usb port on the printer causing a doggie connection

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