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    I have a 3d model that needs repair and no idea how to do it

    I have a 3d model created for screen use, not printing. I'd like it printed, but it needs work. I can't work out what I need to do. sundiver.jpgSundiver.stl

    I want two copies printed about 200mm along the long axis, so I can paint one "properly" and one in Musoublack or Black 3.0 or similar, and mount them together.

    Trouble is the model I have is way to big, detailed and delicate to print, and I have less than no idea how to fix this.

    As this is likely to be the only thing I ever 3d print, I don't think it's likely to be worth the time it would take teaching myself 3d model bashing. If I'm wrong, tell me.

    I suspect someone who knows what they're doing could fix it in about 5 minutes, but I have no idea how to find such a person.

    Any help appreciated.

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