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01-30-2020, 05:12 PM
Hello im currently working on a project to make detailed architectural 3d models for 3d printing, and i have a few very specific doubts regarding which tools i should use. Preferably within 3dmax or zbrush, 3dmax i know, zbrush im learning as fast as i can, but if you really think its worth it that i learn a third software for this ill consider it.

The questions are in this jpg file : Imgur: The magic of the Internet (https://imgur.com/oCxV9Ww)
but im repeating them here in case you want to quote something in the reply

1-Is there a way to make something like a normal map, a flat image that represents the depth of extrusion and apply it to a specific polygon? if yes how do i create a polygon with the same aspect as that image? or an image with the same aspect as that polygon? im talking about something like a normal map but that gets permanently applied
in which each value of gray represents a different depth, allowing me to do different depths or even gradients like in this pic related?

Would it be possible to apply that same technique only to a select group of polygons? to make a couple of striped columns for instance like this pic?

2-I know of symettry in zbrush, but is there a way you could have a special group of polygons and modify all of them at the same time? say like these 3 polyogns in the example, edit or draw on them at the same time?

3-What would be the correct tool to make a pattern thats linearly repeated across a line like this?

how about a pattern that repeats itself across a surface like this?

4-What would be a good way to make a structure made up of many lines with width, keep in mind my goal is 3d printing so i want a nice mesh, i could use bevel profile or render in viewport in 3dmax but those make shitty meshes.

5-IF im gonna work on complex models that are made of a lot of different pieces, would putting them all together in one dynamesh be a good way to have a nice 3d PRINTABLE mesh?

6-If i want to apply an already modeled ornamental object perfectly onto the surface of a wall, is it possible to "stich it" perfectly to the surface?

as always, thanks a whole bunch for any answer i can get to this.