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03-06-2017, 10:34 PM
I'd like to start by saying hello, this is my first post and I come with a few questions that I need answers to and this seemed to be as good of a place as any to ask them.

A little background-

- I want to build a printer. So far I've decided on my linear motion components, I have My steppers, and I have the frame figured out.

- I have two printers currently but want to build a large format printer that possibly in the future I can take to market.

- I've build multiple CNC routers/mills. I currently have one in the garage capable of wood and aluminum with a cut of 48 in x 40 in x 4 in.

- I have an Engineering degree so, the build/design aspect should fall together pretty well.

Here's where I'm stumbling.

The bed will be aluminum but large. Like in the 600mm X 1000mm X 600mm (x,y,z) range. To heat the bed I've looked into many options. Like Nichrome, resistors, PCB, etc.
Finally, think I've decided on silicone pads. To buy custom made 24v (which is what I want my printer to run BTW, Sorry I haven't mentioned that hitherto) in that size
is expensive. So my thoughts are to use two larger 12v mats wired in series to make my 24v, then remove the thermistors from them and place 1 in a centralized location.

- Will this work? Even if all we are talking about is in theory. Granted I see the error in there being a fluctuation in heat from spot to spot due to a lack of complete coverage of
the mats, I do feel that the aluminum should help disperse the heat.

- Should I be able to hit and maintain a temp of 110C?

- If not, How would I achieve this with 2 24v heaters? If possible.

On to my next set of questions.. The Board. Dual extrusion would be best.

- What options are out there for 24v boards? I'm not to fond of the mightyboard.

- Based solely on the fact that one day I may want to sell these printers, What boards can I openly use?

- I chose 24v based solely on the fact that 12v seems to have trouble holding a bed at ABS/nylon temps, Am I looking at this all wrong?
Or because I'm going to use 2 12v heating mats I mind as well just be making a 12v system?

I'm sorry this has been such a long post. I really appreciate any help I could get on these questions. Thank you.

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