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Before days, connecting printers with computing devices and mobile devices are troublesome. Now a days it is done very simply because wired and wireless connection between the devices and printers are available. When buying a printer for your needs, one of options you have to think is how I am going to connect the printers to the computer.

Printers are varied in association with its features and its configurations. Wired printers, Network printers, and Wireless printers are different types of printers. Listed below points are going to discuss about different types of printers and its connection method.

Wired printers and its connection with the computer:

For better speed data transfer communication, printers always select wired connections. Usually direct connection between the printers and the computers are established using USB for high speeds in an easy manner.

Steps to install printer software:

Insert CD came along with printers during buying the printers.

If it is not inserted properly, go to the Mycomputer, double click on CD drive run step-and-install file.

Install the software followed by completing instruction wizards.

Steps to connect printers with the computer using cables:

Click Start button residing in right side corner screen of your computer and open a control panel.

Double-click Printers or Printers and Fax icon in the control panels.

Select Add a printer icon in a printer window.

See Windows Printer Wizard after completing the above steps and Click Next to start the wizard.

Select Local printer attached to the computer and click Next when the printer is connected to your computer.

Finish all instructions shown in the printer wizard.

Wireless printers and its connection with the computer:

Connectivity of a wireless printer is similar to a network printer. The only difference for the wired printer, the wireless printers is connected with the computer via Wi-Fi instead of using a cable to connect.

Steps to connect printers with computer wirelessly:

Open control panel followed by clicking start button at right corner of window screen

Select devices and printers in the control panel

Select “ADD a printer” button

Select add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printers

Choose your network from available network lists.

Our best solution for selecting best printers:

All printers are good printers and have different features and benefits. Based upon their needs and configuration only, it functions are varied. Wired printers usually cheapest option and easiest to set up. Wireless printers give you benefits of ability to place the device anywhere. Proper connection is the best way to get proper printing efficiency. In my point of view, I suggest hp123.us is best printer service provider for giving their best solutions for all wired or wireless connection issues of printers. When you need in printer connection service, Contact @Toll-free number (18884135486)

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