View Full Version : Best type of DIY resin printer?

06-07-2016, 02:44 PM
I see x,y stage printers, galvo printers and lcd printers...

x,y stage printer is likely the slowest but also can be the most accurate

galvo printer suffers x,y position accuracy and beam shape but is quick compared to an x,y stage

lcd printers have accuracy and speed but the screens wear out with the intense lighting

combining an x,y stage with an lcd would be a way to get a HUGE printer and possibly stellar resolution

I have an idea in mind about how to make a precise and relatively cheap galvo but will likely never see the light of day =(... essentially it makes use of a rod magnet that has had a flat ground on it to serve as a mirror (with plating to increase reflectivity). On one end its marked with lines like grey code except instead of only 4 possible positions per mark there would be thousands. The magnet could be supported by ball bearings but I wonder if grinding the ends down to a point and using HDPE (or?) as a bearing surface would give better results (IE less friction and less inertia).