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  1. Just In 3DMonstr: Large, industrial-grade, quad-extruder 3D printer
  2. Just In The Snap 3D Printer
  3. Large Format 3D Printer
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  5. Fsl3d
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  7. Any thoughts on QU-BD
  8. New Product Rigidbot Backers?
  9. Ultimate filament extruder
  10. BAM&DICE - The new standard for arduino based 3D printer controllers
  11. Any Idea What the Plans are for the Lathon Printer?
  12. New Product AMAKER | WiZE 3D [future leader in 3d news]
  13. Need Help I have started a campaign to help bet my own 3D printer.
  14. New Product full 3D-Printer Board t-bone for Beagle Bone Black <100,- EUR (<140,- $)@indiegogo
  15. New Product: Kudo3D's Launch of Titan 1 on Kickstarter
  16. Titan 1 Contest for Kickstarter Launch Celebration
  17. AstroPrint - Cloud Slicing and wireless 3D Printing on Kickstarter now
  18. Titan 1 Met Its Kickstarter Goal in 2 Minutes!
  19. Mamba3D high quality affordable printer needs backing
  20. easymake3D - designing an easy to build 3D printer
  21. Just In Online Marketplace for 3D Printer Models
  22. New Linear Guide for 3D Printers - Indiegogo Campaign
  23. Discussion Is a filtration system needed for 3D printers?
  24. Rave World’s first pressure controlled 3D printer launches on Kickstarter
  25. Just In BoXZY Rapid Change FAB Lab
  26. New Product Gala 3D Printer by DROTIX - Kickstarter Campaign
  27. New Product OPAM Water-cooled Hot End Now on Indiegogo
  28. New Build Thread Triple Extruder Tricolor Reprap 3D Printer
  29. Anyone Heard from Sculptify?
  30. New Product A new filament extruder on kickstarter
  31. New Product RPG/tabletop gaming accessories
  32. Anti-wear nozzles
  33. New Product Announcing MakerX for 3D Printing!
  34. New Product Gizmo 3D Printers Launching on Indiegogo in +-30 minutes
  35. Learn Design for 3D Printing: Making & Using 3D Printers Kickstarter
  36. New Product BotFeeder's new filament-reFilactive- is now on Indiegogo
  37. Indiegogo - campaign for 3d printable tiles and terrain Axolote
  38. New Double Exposure SLA printer on Kickstarter. Switchable 30/60 micron
  39. Discussion Feedback Request: Filament Roller with IR Detector and Alarm
  40. New Zesty Nimble Extruder!
  41. TILESCAPE™ DUNGEONS modular terrain system Kickstarter
  42. SafFire: Galvo-Based SLA 3D Printer and Laser Engraver
  43. New Product 3D PRINT EXPRESS | 3D printing up to 50% faster
  44. New Product Kudo3D Bean 3D Pirinter Kickstarter
  45. New Product Not a totally 3D... Kickstarter.
  46. New Product [KS] different ships from different ages for 3D Printer
  47. 3 in 1 3d printer (CNC carving, and Laser engraving)
  48. New Product Bowden volcano dual extruder DIY 3D printer for hot weather & fast printing
  49. New Product Starting a business to sell custom 3D printed dragon figurines, need help starting up
  50. New Build Thread Video: Sprinning up 4 3D Zoetropes - 3 printed on Form 2 1 in LEGO
  51. New Product Zatsit: Novel Delta mechanics using polypropylene hinges
  52. New Product Phrozen Transform - LCD Printer with 40cm Z-axis
  53. Monster Miniatures Kickstarter...100% Support Free Models
  54. 20:1 and 50:1 compound gear
  55. one tooth gear
  56. New Product 3D print-ready RPG components by Thre3Dee Tabletop now live on Kickstarter!
  57. Testers Wanted for our Tungzzle 3D-Printing Tungsten Nozzle