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  1. Started with a Lutzbot
  2. Anyone making money with their printer?
  3. New to 3d Printing ask your questions here
  4. 3D printing technologies
  5. 3D metal printing
  6. Why the market for 3D printing will triple in five years
  7. Hello from the Space Coast
  8. 3D Model Resources
  9. Starting from the bench top !
  10. New to this website, but not to 3D printing.
  11. Tolerances on Metal 3D Printing
  12. New to 3D Printing????
  13. New Uk member
  14. New member from Michigan
  15. Hello from Portugal
  16. 3D Printer - Beyond plastic
  17. Hello from NW Florida
  18. My first machine and print.
  19. Bob-CAD-CAM V26 User. New member...
  20. Hello from Japan!
  21. New to all this fancy 3D Printing stuff
  22. Hello from Montana!
  23. New to everything
  24. First time you remember using a computer ?
  25. Discussion Hey, it's Rhys!
  26. New Product Solidoodle 3
  27. Discussion What is 3D printing?
  28. FAQ What software should I use if Iím a beginner in 3D design?
  29. Just In My first 3d printer
  30. Just In computer Specs
  31. Just In only good for one offs... is this real
  32. Discussion Sense 3D Scanner, 3D System
  33. Discussion makerbot cupcake
  34. Response from 3-D printing company
  35. Discussion 3-D Printer user
  36. Discussion Resolution Question
  37. New Build Thread my question: glass lenses?
  38. Good Day Mates form South Africa
  39. hey all
  40. Discussion Questions from a noob
  41. Discussion What's the best 3d printing company currently
  42. Discussion How long have you been interested in 3d printing
  43. Discussion What are some great idea's for selling your 3d designs?
  44. Need Help What is 3d digitizers
  45. Discussion What are the best materials to use for 3d designs
  46. Discussion What is octo print software
  47. Discussion What is Stereolithography?
  48. Discussion What are the three best modeling applications to use?
  49. New member
  50. Discussion Wholesale sources for ABS and PLA filament?
  51. Newbie: SNEAKxxATTACK
  52. Discussion Buying today, losing tomorrow?
  53. New in 3D print looking for information to buy a printer
  54. New to 3D printing.
  55. Discussion Quality difference between Delta printers and 3 axis?
  56. Need Help help with .stl files
  57. New Product 3dprintersonlinestore An eBay for 3d printers
  58. Hi all, just little ol' me
  59. FAQ What is 3D Printing?
  60. FAQ 3D Printing Methods
  61. FAQ What Software is Available?
  62. Need Help Looking for Help in Building a 3D printer - in the Detroit Mich area
  63. Need Help Warping of PLA on print plate
  64. Need Help New and just can't decide!
  65. Discussion would a 3d printer
  66. Discussion Printing with wax?
  67. Need Help Where to start?
  68. Discussion Old hand at machining but very green to 3D printing.
  69. Need Help Brand new and looking at the Solidoodle 4?
  70. Discussion printing with sand/clay
  71. Just In OpenBuilds.com
  72. Need Help Marlin endstops tutorial?
  73. Discussion Food safe filament
  74. Need Help Sensible for costumes/props?
  75. Discussion How Long Did It Take You to Make Your First Printer?
  76. Discussion Ramps Board Selection in Marlin Firmware Guide
  77. Discussion How is a chain made
  78. Need Help What 3D printer do I buy?
  79. Need Help printer having seizures
  80. Discussion 3D Printing for the AEC Industry
  81. Need Help Smartphone case
  82. Rave Solidworks guy who is going to get into 3D printing
  83. Discussion Precision
  84. Discussion Review on Iron3D anyone?
  85. Discussion 3d printer
  86. Discussion building vs. buying
  87. Need Help Can anyone recommend a durable dual nozzle PVA-compatible Consumer-grade 3D printer?
  88. Discussion Filement
  89. Discussion 3d
  90. New Build Thread axis ideas
  91. FAQ Just wondering
  92. Discussion 3d
  93. Discussion cost
  94. Need Help Real uses for 3d printing - what are the benefits vs. subtractive machining.
  95. Discussion First
  96. New Build Thread Heated bed question
  97. Discussion dual extruders
  98. Discussion Makerbot or Open-Source (reprap, deezmaker,etc.) 3D Printer?
  99. Discussion combined CNC mill & 3D printer?
  100. Discussion Printing flexible materials.
  101. Discussion 3D Printer Driver Development
  102. Need Help Favorite 3D Printing Sites
  103. Discussion Is the Buccaneer the right 3D printer for me?
  104. Need Help ABS Warp
  105. New Build Thread Building
  106. Need Help trying to change setup
  107. Need Help Cubify in my local CostCo (Croydon Branch in the UK)
  108. FAQ what cheap (or even free) 3D software is there?
  109. Discussion BUY or BUILD?
  110. Need Help 3D printer for detailed models
  111. Discussion DIY 3D Foraging, the best sources
  112. Just In for contest
  113. Discussion What 3D printer material recyclers/fliment creators are available?
  114. Discussion Best host end for DIY 3D printer?
  115. Discussion Looking for useful reviews of machines
  116. Discussion On Hand Tools Around Your Printer/CAD
  117. Need Help Total Newb, where do I start?
  118. Discussion Any other "True 3D" printing software?
  119. Need Help noob needs large format help
  120. News grigsby
  121. Need Help 3d printing with mach3
  122. Need Help Gigabot
  123. Need Help Advice on which 3D printer to buy (Newbie)
  124. Just In Highest resulution RepRep?
  125. Need Help Question about 3d terrain printing.
  126. Need Help Remember String Art?
  127. Need Help Starting with 3D scanning/printing
  128. Need Help 3D Printing issues and trends
  129. Need Help stepper motor hum
  130. Discussion Newbie looking for your opinions.
  131. Need Help What to buy, Ramps 1.4 or Megatronics,and from where?
  132. Discussion Cheese Grater 3D Model
  133. Discussion Greeting from NY
  134. Need Help Printing soft material
  135. Need Help Setting Filament Feed
  136. Need Help Convert Solidworks files to .ISEG???? Can it be done.
  137. Need Help REPRAP Stringy printing not a solid piece
  138. Need Help Completely new to building, but want to make a 3D printer. So overwhelmed!
  139. Discussion Large prints vs small prints involving gluing/fastening pieces together
  140. Discussion Mcor with Paper Printing
  141. Just In Hi All - New to 3D printing !!
  142. Just In New guy questions
  143. Need Help New to the 3D scene
  144. New Build Thread Modeling stonework
  145. Need Help Robo3d Vs. Solidoodle
  146. Need Help Brand new to 3d printing
  147. Need Help Just began testing, not moving correctly
  148. Need Help Got all 3 axis working but...
  149. Need Help "Another" Which printer should I buy. Some research done. Need advice $3k price range
  150. Need Help PLA warping
  151. Just In Big Think Skims over just about everything 3DP...
  152. New Build Thread designing an easy to build open source 3D printer
  153. Need Help inexpensive, reliable, supplier for Filaments here on US
  154. Need Help New to forum + Searching for price comparison website
  155. Need Help printer help
  156. Discussion Please Guide me
  157. New Build Thread let the games begin!
  158. Discussion A simple setup for control and supervision
  159. Need Help 3DPandoras: The next generation in 3D Full-Color Printing
  160. New Build Thread Noob question on robo 3d g-code ect...
  161. Need Help Poor adhesion between layers and perimeters
  162. Need Help I Need Help
  163. Need Help a whole day of research and still at square one
  164. Need Help Model stops printing after a few layers
  165. Need Help BQ prusa i3 3D printer
  166. Need Help Intricate part has "spider web" like threads over it
  167. Discussion 3D printing a melodica
  168. Need Help Need a push in the right direction
  169. New Product Beginners on 3D Design
  170. Need Help Neoprene syle 3D prints
  171. Need Help Which printer? Nylon filament?
  172. Need Help Gluing ABS
  173. Discussion What do you look for in 3D filament?
  174. Need Help 3D Printing survey with a chance to win £50
  175. Need Help Want to print this commercial boeing 747-200 model. How can i convert files into stl
  176. Just In New to 3D printing and the forum
  177. Need Help Stray Filament on overhang
  178. Need Help Can Filtration Prevent Air Quality Health Issues?
  179. Need Help Considering buying a 3D printer..... advice
  180. Need Help Edge-curling and Printing an object with a large base
  181. Need Help HELP when i press extrude it reverses ; when I press reverse it extrudes
  182. Need Help Objects with moving parts
  183. Discussion How did you learn?
  184. Need Help Survey on 3D printing
  185. Discussion Make your 3D model 100% printable
  186. Need Help 3d scanner kinect, which one to choose ?
  187. Need Help Got stuck with a project for my work
  188. Video 3D Printing Process - Basics
  189. Need Help Need help setting up printer.
  190. Discussion PLA filament getting old and useless
  191. Need Help Getting into 3D Printing (Home-made 3D printer)
  192. Need Help A High School NEEDING serious help!!!
  193. Discussion 3D Printer Advice
  194. Discussion Engineering application for low cost 3d printer
  195. Need Help i feel stupid.
  196. New Product FS: DJI Spreading Wings S1000+ Octocopter - $1,700
  197. Need Help newer than new to 3D printing/design...advice needed
  198. New Product Mingda Glitar 6c
  199. Need Help MKS Base V1.1 Mainboard
  200. Need Help Beginner deciding on first printer
  201. Need Help Firmware Display settings
  202. Need Help Stratasys Dimension SST error 14, 101
  203. Need Help Renting a 3D scanner?
  204. Just In Jumping in with both feet, building my own printer.
  205. Need Help Creating a 3D printer on deadline.
  206. Discussion Buyer's Guide Best photo printer for your needs
  207. Just In 3D Printing In the Classroom - INTERVIEW
  208. Just In Weekly Video Tutorial Release
  209. Need Help Kinect with Windows 8.1?
  210. Need Help printer servicing
  211. Discussion 3D printing Expert
  212. Need Help PLA,PVA dual nozzle PRINTING
  213. Discussion Share your first time experiences
  214. Discussion Print head clogs
  215. New Product i need this made
  216. Need Help Looking at buying a printer
  217. New Product 3D Printed Business Cards Tutorial
  218. New Product Block-based 3D Modelling Tool for Beginners
  219. New Product For sale Makerbot, Ultimaker 3D Printers.
  220. Need Help Cubepro dual or Type A series 1 pro
  221. Need Help 3D printer information needed for thesis project
  222. Need Help Another New "Help Me Decide which 3d Printer to Buy" Thread
  223. Need Help Stratasys Dimension SST 1200es : Error Code 14, 60
  224. Need Help Printing with PPO
  225. Discussion Feedback from 3D artists
  226. New Build Thread HE3D Dual Extruder Prusa i3 3d printer print flexiable PLA video
  227. New Build Thread HE3D Prusa i3 single nozzle 3d printer print wood video
  228. Discussion Has anybody got a rumba board
  229. New Product Can printers do this?
  230. Discussion What Type of Industry Often Hires your 3d Expertise?
  231. Need Help Yet another what printer should I buy post
  232. Need Help What delta printer kit is this?
  233. Discussion Drawbacks in 3d printing
  234. New Product For sale new Apple MacBook Air 13.3" /1.4 i5/4GBRAM/256GB $800
  235. Discussion Why the Entry Barrier to 3D Printing Is Much Lower than Everyone Thinks - See more at
  236. Need Help homemade laser plotter
  237. Need Help Part slowly fell over, haha, not funny!
  238. Discussion Ibox Nano
  239. Need Help Print quality very low and going down
  240. Need Help Prusa i3 motors just move a little and stop
  241. Need Help 3D not print circles any more.
  242. Discussion Who are customers?
  243. Need Help couple of basic questions
  244. Need Help Printer Bed Overheating
  245. Need Help Arduino MEGA & RAMPS 1.4 Configured. but NO Warming
  246. New Build Thread He3D Prusa I3 Dual Extruder - Unboxing - Assembly - Testing.
  247. New Build Thread He3D Prusa I3 Dual Extruder - Unboxing - Assembly - Testing.
  248. New Build Thread He3D Prusa I3 Dual Extruder - Unboxing - Assembly - Testing.
  249. Need Help Weird Folgertech i3 behaviour
  250. Need Help Slises are shifting along Y axis