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  1. Rostock MAX
  2. What 3D printer are you using?
  3. Objet30 Pro
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  8. Discussion Accuracy
  9. Need Help Kossel Clear by Blue Eagle Labs
  10. Thoughts on the RepRap Omerod
  11. Discussion Researchers Are Making A 3D Printer That Can Build A House In 24 Hour
  12. Printer Manufacturer Consolidation
  13. GRIPE: No set filament colours
  14. Any Thermojet users?
  15. Any one working with ceramic printers
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  17. Discussion Closed Loop Stepper Systems
  18. New Houston Member with 3dBotz
  19. Rant Don't do the MakiBox............
  20. 3D Printer Czar Prusa i3 kit build
  21. Discussion earth ground arduino/ramps?
  22. Discussion FlashForge Creator $ Creator II
  23. Pirate3D Website down?
  24. Zortrax M200 user reports or reviews?
  25. Light-up Prints
  26. New Build Thread 3D Printing with Hemp
  27. Need Help Plastic part options.
  28. Discussion Author tried 3D Printer and all it made was plastic "goo"
  29. Quantitative Speed data Stratasys Fortus 400 vs 3d Systems 3500
  30. Pocketing, pictures of top & bottom of Puck Print
  31. Bringing 3-D Power to the People, NYTimes Article
  32. Discussion Does Size Matter?
  33. Is there a agree'd standards between 3d companies, and 3d software?
  34. Printing on a slope
  35. Bed axis
  36. XYZ Printing Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer tips and tricks
  37. 3D Printing - Don't be Fooled!
  38. Fun with Dissolvable Filament
  39. 3D Printing - Consumer Expectations
  40. CubeX Not working properly!
  41. Video Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer Complete Review Video
  42. Rant Big Tech in 3D Printing: Game Changer?
  43. Discussion How to address step losses? Experience sharing
  44. Discussion ElecFreaks 3D Printer: A4988 Thermal Design
  45. Question for Artists Interested in 3D Printing
  46. Discussion Type A machines
  47. Looking for user friendly printer
  48. Need Help Extruder head shifted
  49. Rave Open Source Robot
  50. 3D Printing Entire Buildings
  51. Anyone here familiar with this printer?
  52. New Product BlackSmith Genesis 3D Printer (rotary)
  53. Anybody doing Hybrid printing with multi-materials? Flexible TPU with Rigid ABS/PLA
  54. EZ3D Phoenix 3D Printer Review
  55. Printer with 2 print heads recommendation?
  56. Discussion which one to go for..?
  57. Need Help 3D Systems/Cubify Pro Trio worst case research
  58. Discussion What was your latest 3D Printed Object or Project?
  59. Need Help looking for a little karma please
  60. Solidoodle 4
  61. 3d Printing Halloween Promotion
  62. 3D model search engine
  63. Need Help Hairspray Won't Hold
  64. Solidoodle 4's design is flawed or uses bad parts it seems
  65. New Build Thread printer on CNC router
  66. CubePro Warning - Do not buy!
  67. A video review of the 'Build Your Own 3D Printer' series from Eaglemoss (Parts 1 -3)
  68. Need Help First print om my CNC Router/3D Printer
  69. silver printing bigger size than shapeways????
  70. Video 3D Printing Live Stream at ISG3D.com
  71. Video Review of 'Build your own 3D printer' parts 4-7 from Eaglemoss.
  72. Installing a kraken quad-printhead onto a FlashForge Creator Pro
  73. Anyone own the XYZprinting DaVinci 3D Printer?
  74. Need Help Need Objet 3D Printer service person
  75. Just In FS: DJI Inspire 1 (Black C/F Version) Plus extra battery and carrying case = $2600
  76. Rant Warning: Portabee Go from romscraj. Do not buy! Horrible support!
  77. Rave Finally Have Desktop SLA Printer Working!
  78. Da vinci AIO Downgrade new firmware 1.1.4
  79. Printing in "Sandstone" - What determines quality of final print?
  80. Need Help Painting 3D prints
  81. Discussion Kudo3D's Titan 1
  82. Feedback from 3D artists
  83. 3D Printing and Consumer Behavior
  84. Discussion Which commercial 3D Printer is the best for someone who knows modeling software?
  85. Discussion NEW: Becker MEXICO 7948 RETRO-STYLED WITH IPOD LEAD F/S
  86. News Announcing India’s first truly dedicated event for 3D Printing
  87. 3D printed Guitar-How is it done?
  88. New Product Becker MEXICO 7948 RETRO-STYLED WITH IPOD LEAD F/S
  89. New Product FS 3D Printers - Makerbot, DeltaMaker, Ultimaker 2 extedend
  90. Free webinar on #3D printing
  91. News DroneVibes.com website for Drones and UAV's
  92. Need Help Fan Issue with Makerbot Mini
  93. Discussion 3D industry Dope
  94. Do the SLA/DLP printers using resin trays produce superior results?
  95. Discussion Buy Original Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F $450
  96. Discussion FS:Brand New Original Samung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge 32GB $450
  97. HELP Problem with FF Creator Pro
  98. Need Help Looking to get into the industry
  99. New Product I bought a Monoprice Mini for $175.21
  100. Discussion What 3D printers do you utilize/have you seen utilized in dental practice?
  101. Discussion Get 10% Off 3D Products, and help me maybe?
  102. Extendable 3d printer
  103. Need Help Head temperature problem with Objet24
  104. Need Help Wanhao i3 plus
  105. Discussion Shining3D Einstart-S Review
  106. zCorp z310 Parking Cap Measurements Needed
  107. Need Help Poor Quality DaVinci DUO 2
  108. Bad 3D Benchy
  109. Need Help MakerBot Desktop vs. MakerBot Print Supports/ Bridges
  110. Need Help hictop 3DP-11
  111. New Build Thread Upgrading and Modifying Broken Printer - Looking for advise and help
  112. Good news from Endurance. Some great experiments made.
  113. Garage Sized copy of Sacred Medicine Stone
  114. Customizable 3D Printers?
  115. anyone wants to buy prusa i3 kit builds together at a discounted price?
  116. Discussion F/s : Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus Professional DJ Mixer .. USD 1490
  117. Need Help Objet30 Help
  118. Can Markforged printers print in non proprietary materials?
  119. How will 3D printing revolutionize manufacturing?
  120. Is 3D printing the future of manufacturing?
  121. What are the different technology to 3D print something?
  122. How are the 3D printer and its related businesses in India?
  123. Need Help Has Anyone Experienced This Strange Movement?!
  124. What are some common forms of rapid prototyping?
  125. Ultem
  126. Discussion Printer problem
  127. New 3D printing technique using FDM printers!
  128. 3d printer with granule extruder
  129. Hello All
  130. is there any 3d printing rules?
  131. Recommendations On 3D printers?
  132. Makerbot Replicator 2
  133. Discussion How to clean printheads of my HP Printer?
  134. Discussion Octoprint setup
  135. Trying to make my Wanhao I3 Heater Cartridge easily-detachable, can't figure it out
  136. Need Help HP Withdrawing support for their 3D Designjet Printers
  137. Need Help Which are the best Commercial 3D printer to buy?
  138. Discussion Scope for Digital Printing
  139. New Product New way to wash and cure for resin 3D printers?
  140. FF Creator Pro Calibration - not bed leveling
  141. Probably the 🔥fastest 3D benchy 🔥 print in the world?
  142. Discussion Small Businesses using 3D Print
  143. 3D printing with clay
  144. Need Help Helix Printing - Over-spray Issues
  145. Does a 3D scanner improve health care services?
  146. Discussion Sidewinder X1
  147. Discussion What XL middle range printer would you recommend (not CreatBot please)?
  148. Discussion Thermal protection for any printers
  149. Mystery colour streaks - WILLING TO PAY FOR SOLUTION
  150. some question on NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
  151. Need Help X axis shifting on Stratasys Dimension sst1200es
  152. NEED HELP! Custom RepRap printer not functioning
  153. Discussion How does rapid prototyping work?
  154. Looking for zcorp software
  155. How to sterilize a mobile phone to prevent corona virus
  156. Need Help I3 pro b, problems since years ...
  157. FAQ How Big An Object Can I 3D Print?
  158. New Product 3D inkjet printer for metals
  159. Ender 5 replacement fan (the front one)
  160. The Top Most Iconic Manchester United Kits
  161. Discussion Dremel Digilab 3D45
  162. Can't manage to force my print to standby while I insert a nut - Prusa Slicer and Tro
  163. Why We Love Investment Casting and 3D Printing: BFFs
  164. Stereolithography(SLA): 3D Printing Technology
  165. Need Help Custom built 3D printer from scratch
  166. Ender 3 Pro with MKS Gen L - Marlin 2.0 no Z homing
  167. Need Help Ender 3 upgrade
  168. What is rapid prototyping? Which are the techniques covered
  169. Need Help Soundproofing Help
  170. Printing with abs
  171. Need help please
  172. stratasys dimension bst 768 head temperature adjustment
  173. indecision creality ender 3 v2 - flying bear ghost 5
  174. Discussion What are the differences between 3D modeling, 3D sculpting, CAD, and BIM?
  175. Need Help My 3D printer checks axis' home during print. Often wrecking the print
  176. Need Help Ender 5 plus
  177. Strange printing defect on only the right side of a print. Underextrusion?