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  1. Robocular: High quality color 3D scanner on Kickstarter, starting at 499$
  2. Robocular: High quality color 3D scanner on Kickstarter, starting at 499$
  3. Makerbot launches 3D printed holiday ornaments challenge
  4. UK Researchers developing natural-looking, 3D-printed skin
  5. 3D printer could make 150 prosthetic eyes in an hour
  6. 3D Printshow Paris 2013 Recap by Airwolf 3D
  7. Solidoodle announces holiday sale on this Thanksgiving Day weekend
  8. 3D on D3: GE's first '3D Printing Day'
  9. MakerBot, Saks & MasterCard to bring 3D printed snowflakes to holiday shoppers
  10. Cirri turns digital images into professional quality 3D models
  11. Printscape3D offers large scale 3D printed model of UK landscape
  12. Tapatalk
  13. First 3D printing store in Mexico opens doors
  14. 3D-printed jewelry made out of 18 carat gold
  15. Exclusive Cyber Monday Specials from LulzBot
  16. Produce your own filament for 3D printer with FilaFab
  17. Experimental 3D scanner produces high-res 3D images virtually in the dark
  18. Manipulate pliable 3D printed structures
  19. AW3D HD sets new standards for volume, accuracy and speed for desktop 3D printers
  20. 3D-printed guns under spotlight in US law renewal
  22. RappiDelta on Kickstarter
  23. Code of the curve. Now in 3D.
  24. Easily make complex 3D printable objects.
  25. Technology preview update: Project Chronicle
  26. Project Chronicle
  27. Project Dalton
  28. Update: Leap Motion Controller Plug-in for MotionBuilder now compatible with latest L
  29. Leap Motion Controller Plug-in for MotionBuilder
  30. 2D to 3D Tool for Inventor
  31. 2D to 3D Tool for Inventor 2014 now installs without Inventor 2013 also being present
  32. Project Khan
  33. Technology preview update: Project Khan
  34. Project Pinocchio
  35. Project Bluestreak AEC Collaboration
  36. Welcome to the site
  37. You phone as a 3d scanner????
  38. Helo,l I am new here to 3D StuffZone
  39. New Product The First-Of-Its-Kind Self-replicating, High precision 3D Printer ‘The BI V2.0’
  40. Just In Organovo says they will 3D Print a Human Liver in 2014
  41. Discussion Stratasys, sues Afinia
  42. Just In Breaking news: 3D Systems acquires Gentle Giant Studios in Entertainment and Toy Indu
  43. Just In See What Everyone is Talking About at CES 2014 with a Look at 3D Systems’ Showcase of
  44. Just In 3D Printed parts take flight on RAF Jets
  45. Just In 3D Systems Launches Cubify® 2.0
  46. Just In 3D Systems Recasts the Consumer 3D Printing Experience with New Cube® 3
  47. Just In 3D Systems Ups Prosumer Standards with New Sub $5,000 CubePro™ 3D Printer
  48. large format 3d printer builder
  49. Just In 3D Systems Sweetens Its Offering with New ChefJet™ 3D Printer Serie
  50. Just In 3d systems creates new full-color consumer category with sub
  51. Just In Stratasys full-year profit outlook misses Street; shares fall
  52. Just In ExOne Lowers revenue outlook on sales delay
  53. Just In Major Update to Adobe Photoshop CC Brings 3D Printing to the Design World
  54. Just In 3D Systems and Hershey Team Up To Deliver 3D Printed Edibles
  55. New Product Stratasys Mojo Desktop 3D Printer
  56. Just In Site name changed! 3DStuffZone is now 3DPrintForums.com
  57. New Product Pegasus Touch Full Spectrum Laser Desktop 3D Printer for $2000
  58. Just In It is Finished — 3D Printing The Forbidden City
  59. Just In Ultimaker GB Launches 3D Printing Schools Initiative
  60. Just In The Wolf of Wall Street Gets Some 3D Printed Assistance
  61. Just In Dell Will be Selling MakerBot’s 3D Printer & Scanner Range in the US from February
  62. Just In Solid Concepts Think Big at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Tradeshow
  63. Just In 3D Printing for the Masses at Trideus.be
  64. Just In Garden Designing with a 3D Printer
  65. Just In 3D Systems’ Latest Acquisition? A Member of the White House
  66. Just In Arcam Metal 3D Printers Further Penetrate Aerospace
  67. Just In MACHINE-SERIES Makes Designer Housewares Open Source
  68. Just In RTI International Metals Acquires 3D Metal Printing Firm
  69. Just In DNA to 3D Printed Portrait for Crime Solving, Surveillance and Art
  70. Just In MakerBot’s Thingiverse Comes To Android
  71. Just In Small-scale 3D Printing Businesses Cut Themselves a Slice of the Cake
  72. Just In New Uncia DLP 3D Printer
  73. Just In Continuous Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Unveiled at SolidWorks World
  74. Just In Creative 3D Printing — A Fire+Ice Fashion Display
  75. Just In Original 3D Printed Nails & Things at MAD Museum
  76. Just In Colorado’s Own 3D Printing Store Reaches the One Year Mark
  77. Just In Atlantis Beckons — 3D Printing Underwater
  78. Just In 3D Printer Manufacturer Reduces 3D Printing Costs in India
  79. Just In 3D Printing The Devil’s Chair
  80. Just In Additive Disruption Summit Features Long List of Big Name Companies Talking 3D Printi
  81. Just In 1st 3D Printed Inflatable Flower is More than just a Gimmick
  82. Just In 3D Systems Provides On-Demand Parts for Oscard-Nominated Gravity
  83. News MakerBot Digitizer
  84. News Filament Special
  85. News Complete Desktop Bundle
  86. News ABS Plastic On The Way Out?
  87. News Repealed Patent Could Yield New Resin Printing Material
  88. News Stratasys Launches a Multi-Material Full Color 3D Printer
  89. News Two Approaches to Break Through the DLP Resolution Barrier
  90. News Gartner Predicts a Disruptive Future for 3D Printing
  91. News Mold3D — A Treasure Chest of 3D Printed Art Form and Artists
  92. News Stratasys Japan Announces New CEO
  93. News Sacramento College and Hackspace Team Up to Create 3D Printing Community
  94. News NZ Surfboard Designer Rides 3D Printing Wave
  95. News Honda Releases its Concept Cars for 3DP with a CC License
  96. News These Heels Were 3D Printed for Walking, and That’s Just What They’ll Do
  97. News 3D Printing Talent Recruiters Enter the Marketplace
  98. News Lego and 3D Printing, a Maker’s Perfect Match
  99. News Bioprinting Is Booming and Rainbow Biosciences Wants a Piece
  100. News Clippable 3D Printed Pendants for the Fashion Forward
  101. News Romania’s Gas Sector Inflated By 3D Printing
  102. News Laser Sintering Moves Into the Bike Market
  103. News Zecotek Photonics [OTC:ZMSPF] Enters 3D Printing with Patented, Disruptive Technology
  104. Just In New Airwolf AW3D HD New 3D Printer. 1,150 cubic inches of build volume
  105. News Most Read Articles from Last Week – February 1
  106. News Ultimaker 2 Unboxing and Review
  107. News Mbsw13
  108. News 3D Printing & Replacement Car Parts
  109. News Makelab Turns 3D Printing Into a You-Had-to-Be-There Experience
  110. News Alessandro Zambelli and .exnovo Explore Ups (and Downs) of 3D Printing for Designers
  111. News Zecotek Photonics Enters 3D Printing with Disruptive Technology
  112. News 3DPI Interviews the Man behind the New (and First) Mutual Fund for 3D Printing
  113. News 3D printed Camera Accessories Developed by Shapies
  114. News How 3D Printing Can Turn a Bicycle into a “Flying Machine”
  115. News 3D Printer World Expo Displays 3D Printing for All
  116. News 3D Printing Central to Future Military Strategy
  117. News Bryan Oknyansky Wants to Bring 3D Printed Shoes Into Vogue Culture
  118. News AT&T Begins Selling 3D Printers
  119. News Mad Scientist II Contest and Cellular 3D Printing Make Science Fun
  120. News We the Builders Rebuild George Washington
  121. News Queen of 3D Printing Apps Neri Oxman Wins Vilcek Prize
  122. News Bre Pettis Headlines Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference
  123. News The Spies in Your 3D Printer
  124. News UNI Students Train for the Future using one of North America’s Largest 3D Printers
  125. News Jason vs 3D Printing in RadioShack’s New Ad Campaign
  126. News Coming Soon: the White House Maker Faire
  127. News 3D Printing Offers Solution For Joint Replacement
  128. News MakerBot Slashes Price of Its Digitizer 3D Scanner
  129. News Good News Out of Florida! Mcor Technologies Signs ALLAXIS As 3DP Reseller
  130. News EFI CEO Looking at the Big Picture for 3D Printing
  131. News Paul Nylander’s World of 3D Printed Math Art
  132. News RigidBot 3D Printer Delivers Simplicity and Size at a Low Price
  133. News Unboxing to Printing — the Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer
  134. News Is 3D Printing and Space Travel a Match Made in… Heaven?
  135. News Filament Special
  136. News How to Tell What’s Real and What’s Fake in a 3D Printed World
  137. News When will 3D Printing Reach a Mass Consumer Audience?
  138. News BEETHEFIRST Desktop 3D Printer Drops Prices
  139. News Super Strong, Super Light 3D Printed Structures
  140. News Heat-Resistant PLA Could Expand 3D Printing Capabilities
  141. News Materialise Sets Up to Tap Polish 3D Printing Market with Acquisition of e-Prototypy
  142. News Makers of the World Unite at MakerDays — with 3D Printing
  143. News No More Plaster Casts
  144. News 102 Creations is the South Bay’s First Filament Supplier
  145. News Architecture Students at Pratt Touch Tip of Iceberg with 3D Printed Resort
  146. News MakeVR Goes Live on Kickstarter
  147. News Can Organs Be 3D Bioprinted? A Stem Cell Trachea Will Tell
  148. News What Might the US DoD Want with 3D Printing?
  149. News 3D Printing stocks crashing today. 3D Systems down 25%
  150. News A Road to Everywhere: Thoughts on 3D Printer World Expo and M&M’s
  151. News Wanhao’s Bargain Bin replicators
  152. News History in the Re-Making, Voxelijet 3D Prints St. Lambert’s Cathedral
  153. News Stratasys to be Acquired?
  154. News 3D Systems Preliminary Results for 2013 See 3DP Shares Tumble
  155. News DMLS Leads to More Sustainably Manufactured Metal Parts
  156. News MakerBot Now Getting Serious About 3D Printing in Education
  157. News Youngstown State University Opens 3D Printing Center as US Manufacturing Hubs Take Ro
  158. News Gilded iPhone: Because You Deserve It
  159. News 3DOrthotics’ Launch Party Promotes 3D Printing With Demos and More
  160. News More Animal Skulls from Scott Camazine
  161. News Reality, “Reality”, and the 3D Printed Worlds of Philip K. Dick
  162. News With 3D Printed Sit Skis the Upcoming Winter Paralympics Are Bracing for a Show
  163. News And the Golden Mousetrap Award for Innovation in (Additive) Manufacturing Goes To…
  164. News German Scientists 3D Print Lightweight Material Stronger than Steel
  165. News So what is 3D Printing Anyway? Reflections for the Un-initiated…..
  166. News Most Read Articles from Last Week – February 8
  167. News 3D Printed Eyewear Design Workshop
  168. News Five Disruptions To Be Caused By 3D Printing
  169. News Rest Devices is 3D Printing Tech That Makes Life Easier
  170. News Fanny’s 3D Printed Hip Implant
  171. News 3D Bioprinting Inching Closer to Reality in New Utrecht Biofabrication Facility
  172. News The Journey of Laywoo-D3: An Interview with Wood Filament Inventor Kai Parthy
  173. News The Search Begins for 3D Printed Cotton Textiles
  174. News I Learned How to 3D Print a Drag Queen So You Don’t Have To
  175. News 3D Printing Eyewear — A New Platform Makes it Inclusive and Easy for Anyone
  176. News Paper Prototypes for Product Development with Mcor IRIS
  177. News The Other Half of Jolla’s Smartphone is a 3D Printed Smart Cover
  178. News Brother is Coy & “Just Looking” Into 3D Printing
  179. News Has the 3D Printing Bubble Burst
  180. News A Combination of Disney, Google and MakerBot’s 3D Printed Magic Result in A New Love
  181. News Cash Injection for CGTrader From Intel and Practica to Expand Reach in 3D Printing Ma
  182. New Product STL Slicer Software by LHR Technologies Released
  183. News Scientist Makes Atomic Pocket Watch but Says 3D Printed Gold Cases Are the Real Innov
  184. News Ultimaker Original and Doodle 3D Bundled Up for Less than €1000
  185. News Formlabs Nominated for Design of the Year 2014 Award by Design Museum London
  186. News Combining Laser 3D Printing with Industrial Machining
  187. News The ESO’s Very Large Telescope with 3D Printed Components
  188. News AES Company Outlines Benefits of Newly Acquired 3D Printer for Projects and Communica
  189. News Nanobots May 3D Print Your New Liver
  190. News NASA Research Aims to Print Wood in Space
  191. News 3D-Printed Dress Designer Goes Cloud Commercial
  192. News Another 3D Printing Patent Set to Expire: What Does This Mean?
  193. News Fuel3D Secures $2.6 Million Initial Investment for further Scanner Development
  194. News Karim Rasheed Now Bundled With Your New Leapfrog 3D Printer
  195. News WHEA Senior Builds 3D Printer for His High School
  196. News The Artist and the Prosthetist: An Interview with Tom Most on 3D Printing
  197. News The 3D-Printed Selfies of the Thai and Famous
  198. News Can 3D Printing Lead to Lighter, Stronger Materials?
  199. News Printrbot’s New (Made of) Metal 3D Printer
  200. News French Companies Offering (and Using) 3D Printing for RP Meet in Lyon
  201. News MakerBot Announces Summer Intern Program
  202. News Father of 3D Printing Tells CNN of the Night he Invented 3D Printing
  203. News 3D Printed Wave – Physics of a Syphon
  204. News Most Read Articles from Last Week – February 15
  205. News Transformers, meet 3D printing: Hasbro and 3D Systems team up
  206. News $2.2M Granted for 3D Printing Manufacturing Suite
  207. News 3D Printed Windup Clock Motor
  208. News Mashable at 3D Printshow NYC
  209. News Janos Stone’s Presentation at RISD Mindshare
  210. News 3D Printing Ford Mustang – In Sugar
  211. News Do Not Think of a Bubble in the 3D Printing Industry
  212. News Stratasys Connex3 Prints Henry Ford in Multiple Colours and materials. Sort of.
  213. News Manufacturing Micro-fluidic Mechanisms by Merging Micro and Macro Machining
  214. News 3DLT Partners with Authentise to Ensure IP Safety
  215. News UConn’s New Feminist Engineer Wants to 3D Print Electronics
  216. News 3D Printed Ninjas Expose Lack of Verisimilitude of Ninja Turtles
  217. News Toy Time Turns Tech Terrific As 3D Systems Team With Hasbro
  218. News Époisses, Chardonnay and a Spiderbot Delta 3D Printer, S’il Vous Plaît
  219. News Net Artist Lia Explores the Parameters of 3D Printing with Filament Art
  220. News How a Medical Clinic in the Bolivian Rainforest Might Use 3D Printing
  221. News New Bioprinting Method Borrows Ancient Technique
  222. News UK Represented By Ion Core and the Zinter PRO 3D Printer In The Third Industrial Olym
  223. News NASA Research Could Expand AM’s Potential
  224. News Leapfrog Launches New 3D Printer, a New 3D Printing Education Store and Printer Bundl
  225. News Lewis Jewelers 3D Prints its Own Post-Tornado Reconstruction
  226. News Pinterest + Shapeways = Pinshape? A New 3D Printing Model Library in Beta
  227. News Meet a 3D Printing Stock With a PE of 40: MGI Digital Graphic Technology (FRIIF)
  228. News The Big, the Small and the Beast of 3D Printers Take Over NYC
  229. News A 3D Printing Stock with a PE of 40: Meet MGI
  230. News Large Scale Polymer Printers Are On the Way
  231. News The Wearables Revolution is DIY LED and 3D Printed
  232. News 3D Printing & Space (Part 3): NASA
  233. News Learn About Saving Lives and Money at Boston’s Additive Manufacturing Medical and Hea
  234. News Beyond Connex3: What Would a True Color 3D Printer Be?
  235. News An Expanded 3D Printing Application Base at Airbus
  236. News Airbus Expands 3D Printing Use
  237. News The Sky Is Not Falling For 3D Printing
  238. News JewelryThis.com Explores 3D Printing’s Full Potential with Global Marketplace and Loc
  239. News US Department of Energy’s Mission to 3D Print New Metal Alloys
  240. News Free Form Metal 3D Printer is a 3Doodler on Steroids
  241. News Walking Again with 3D Printed Exoskeleton
  242. News Printed Exoskelton Helps Woman Walk
  243. News Mcor Paper Hammer is Fit for Purpose!
  244. News PBS’ Video on 3D Printing – Interviewing North American evangelists
  245. News More info about Mark Forged’s Carbon Fiber 3D Printer
  246. News Legacy Effects – New Video and interview with Jason Lopes
  247. News taulman3D’s New 3D Printing Material is a Bridge to Everywhere
  248. News 3D Printing Support for Political Peace in the Ukraine
  249. News Builder 3D Printers Offers Supersize Option with Big Builder
  250. News Trend Evolution: 3D Printing Trends (Part 1)