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    Getting dimensions from a DWG file?

    I have these Autocad 2000 DWG files for the Orange Pi Plus 2E

    I want to design a 3D printable case for it, but need accurate dimensions from those files. There are no cases for this model on Thingiverse. I found one on TinkerCAD claiming to be for a Plus 2E but it's too large (I want it fitting pretty close around the board) and two of the mounting holes are in the wrong locations.

    If I can just get the maximum X and Y overall dimensions, I can scale the DWG files to correct size as a guide for designing a 3D case. Getting the overall dimensions of the BG OUTLINE layer would also be very helpful.

    Even better would be for Xunlong to release fully dimensioned drawings of all their products like the Raspberry Pi Foundation and other SBC manufacturers have.

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