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    Designing 3dlabprint style wings

    I am trying to design a wing for 3d printing which uses a single perimeter outer skin supported by internal ribs. The ribs need to be fused to the skin, but not affect the exterior surface.

    I have made a few trials using slic3r to slice the model varying the rib height to be flush to the inner surface of the skin, but this results in the rib being felt in the outer skin. If I leave a gap between the ribs and the inner skin surface, equal to the skin thickness (0.4 mm), the ribs are not bonded in.

    I hope this makes sense and would be grateful for some help.

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    Nice, You have tried to make wing, but you should research with some related things before the start. Anyway, Now 3d designs are amazingly growing day by day. It's good and easy to do within a short time. I have found Binashree to make some of my 3d product demo designs. Which were awesome.

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