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    Stratsys 768 SST - For Salvage

    After alot of time and money, I gave up trying to fix my old 768 SST. Anyone in the Southern California area is welcome to buy it for $1650.

    Or if you just want internal parts, we might be able to work something out:

    I think the following is definitely valuable:

    #1) Print head assembly - the liquifier is relatively new (I bought it from that italian guy currently selling his own for $1000)
    -Motors and heaters work
    -Fan and side control board may need replacement

    #2) Case fans. I have 8 new replacement fans along with a large rotor fan. They were purchased aftermarket but are spec'ed as the same fans. I did have to drill holes into the rotor fan to attach it though.

    #3) Krytox GP226 Grease - I have pretty much a whole 8 oz tube. For some reason the stupid manual made it look like you needed that much as they gunked it on. I should have just bought the 2oz.

    There's probably other stuff in here that's worth something, but you tell me.

    The only thing I'm pretty sure is borked is the old hard drive as in the physical drive it bad. The OEM replacement worked briefly but something happened and it doesn't boot properly anymore. But the physical drive should be pristine.

    I also have a pile of diagnostic cables and such. They aren't OEM but they work.

    My email: dukenukem117 at gmail dot com

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