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    Z Printer 150 for sale

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Andreas and I own a design studio in Athens, Greece. Two years ago I bought a Z printer 150, that works with the famous Z powder, since me and my partner wanted to sell services to architects, mostly.

    The printer is in an excellent condition since all inspections and corrections have been done by the authorized reseller of 3d systems and it was slightly used, since most clients were attracted to us for our mechanical engineering design and needed an ABS model, done by another of our own printers. Of course, before selling it, I will call them again in order to inspect it once more for the buyer to be 100% sure of the quality of the machine.

    It is optimal for small and medium size models, for topological and mathematical models, it is really easy to manipulate, easy to maintain and the materials are cheap. Architectural studios, schools of 3d design and modeling, 3d modeling studios, digital sculptors etc will find it extremely useful!

    I wouldn' t like to overwhelm you with information, you can do your own research around this 3d printer, its feautures etc. I am selling it due to upgrading to new machines.

    The 3d printer, along with the necessary powder recycling station is up for sale at the price of 12.000 euros.

    We are a legitimate business, we always want to work with serious people. For this reason, we may need to sign a purchase agreement, for all parties to be secure of the transaction and purchase.

    For more info, you can contact me at [email protected]

    Have a nice day!

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