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    Photocentric LC Magna (UK based) for sale

    Designed for custom mass manufacture and large component 3D printing. From dentistry to industrial product design and manufacture, the LC Magna’s 23.8” LCD screen and 510 x 280 x 350mm build volume manages to create both very large objects and incredible detail on small ones. Delivering print results previously impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques.

    We purchased this printer for our studio 2 months before lock down, but had to give up the studio space due to downturn in business. Working from home we do not have the space to operate a printer of this size.

    This printer was only used for a small number of prints and is as good as new. It has been stored most of the time since purchase.

    We sell the printer including Photocentric's wash and cure systems. The complete setup costs £22K+VAT brand new from Photocentric.

    Looking for offers around 15K, open for negotiation. Here some info from the manufacturer: LC Magna - Photocentric , Large 3D Printer, Mass Manufacturing


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