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    Red face Meet the mini 3D printer

    Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of 3D printers.
    What is best for you?
    We have a lovely BIQU Magician 3D Printer, which is small desktop printer. Like its name, it is small but can creat many things and save space.
    Magician 3D printer has four colors,black,red,blue and white. Different colors can show your different personality.
    A 2.8-inch high-definition, intelligent display touch screen with a single touch sensitive to your fingers. Screen blue light is mild and comfortable, reducing damage to eyes.
    It will automatically record the position of the printed plane with only one automatic leveling. The printed objects are regular and smooth, and the outline details are clearly visible.
    It can be customized as required.
    If you like, please contact.
    Or, you can browse directly our Magician 3D Printer.

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