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    Need Help with PETG Face Shield (Ender 3)

    Anyone who is experience with PETG, I really need your help please! Have been tinkering with various settings, surfaces to get my PETG face shields going but they have been disastrous. Can someone help me solve this.
    I have an Ender 3 and have swapped from a 0.4 nozzle to 0.5 as the former was not extruding enough filament.

    Since using the 0.5 nozzle, I can at least see the actual form of the product I want to make but there is stringing and de-lamination despite me putting on a layer of glue to my glass bed. Setting I have used are as follows:

    Speed : 70
    Nozzle : 236 degrees
    Bed : 60
    Fan speed : 127 (50%)
    Infill : 25%
    Thickness (layer height): 0.3
    Adhesion: skirt
    Everything else would be Cura 4.5s default setting a for PETG 0.5mm nozzle.

    Please help! I am losing precious time trying to get some PPE out to my local frontline community. Thanks in advance!


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