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    Fusion3 F410 Professional Grade 3D Printer With Lots Of Accessories

    I have for sale a gently used Fusion3 F410 3D Printer. This good solid printer functions perfectly, enclosure is nice, printing big or little parts, with PLA or PCTPE very precise, quiet, produces beautiful prints, and can print faster than other printers. I bought this printer to resolve a temporary manufacturing bottleneck that required me to produce larger than average prints, but since i'm done producing these extra large components, l no longer have a need for such a large printer. The size and footprint of this machine is impressive to be sure, but it takes up too much of my extremely limited space.

    This printer comes with a replacement E3D Volcano print heads, 6 replacement HEPA filters, multiple spare glass build plates, two unregistered seats to the Simplify3D software, large capacity spool add-on, all of the standard maintenance tools, and replacement parts assemblies - belts, clamps, clips, extruder housing, runner strings, screws, motor, machine documentation binder with all of the original paperwork, recommended machine settings, instruction manual, and additional printer literature. Selling this whole package for $3850, if you have any questions please pm for more inquiries/pictures.

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