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    Eden 260vs % Eden 260v Bundle

    Thank you for checking out my post,

    I'd like to start by listing what is included in this bundle listing:

    (4x) Stratasys Eden 260vs dental advantage (fully operational)
    (1x) Objet Eden 260v (fully operational)
    (1x) Objet Eden 260v (for Parts needs 8 heads,2 lamps, and new OS)
    A custom internal pressure washing system that includes 2x Washing Cabinets (+extra Cabinet for backup)
    Variety of Spare parts (2 heads, 1 Lamp, 3 pumps, 1 print plate, waste bags, and other necessary parts )
    (6x) 1800watt UPS units
    (5x) UV calibration device
    (6x) Workstation setup to for direct slicing and printing.
    10,000$ worth of Material (MED620 and Support 705) we're still using the printers so the amount of material given will depend on the time of when the purchase will take place (the sooner the more Material)

    All of the above is the Complete bundle for the price of 80000$ , but we're still interested in selling them in a different bundle configuration or individually.

    If you would like to purchase 1 then the package for that is as follows:

    (1x) Printer of your choosing
    (1x) Workstation for slicing
    (1x) 1800watt UPS unit
    (1x) unit of Material (MED 620)
    (1x) unit of (support 705)
    (1x) UV calibration device

    And the price for the 1x printer bundle is 15000$

    Obviously the complete package would be the best value overall.

    There will be no refunds or warranties for these printers after they're sold.

    We will not be able to ship the printers to you so this would be for pick up only directly from our business which is located in Cumming, GA

    Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

    Thank you.


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    Thank you for the offer.

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