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    Eden 260v for sale - $25000

    Eden 260v up for sale 100% in full operational condition with most consumable parts recently replaced with new ones (7 new heads, 2 new lamps, OHDB board, waste pumps).

    This version of Objet 3D printer has a wide range of materials please visit Stratasysí website for more information regarding supported materials.

    This printer was used in an Orthodontic appliances manufacturing facility to print dental models only, it goes through daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and calibration. and have been used by a Stratasys certified technician with 3D printing experience of 6 years.

    Due to the nature of our business as an Orthodontic appliances manufacturers:

    * We will not be able to ship the printer (pickup only).

    * We will not be able to provide a warranty or any form of
    guarantees after the printer is purchased.

    We will provide you with a 2 hrs training course if needed at purchasing.

    Feel free to contact me through my Email if you have any questions: [email protected]


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