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    Demo Unit: 3D Systems ProJet 3500 HD Max 3D Printer

    ProJet 3500 HDMax
    The high capacity ProJet 3500 HDMax offers greater productivity, including with the High Speed printing
    mode, and larger high definition prints, for the production of functional plastic parts for product
    design and manufacturing applications. Benefit of the increased throughput and part size with feature
    detail and quality only possible with ProJet printers. Max THROUGHPUT • Max DEFINITION • Max VOLUME

    Sale Price:48,500.00 OBO

    Key Features: Build volume: 11.75” x 7.3” x 8” in all print modes
    Resolution: up to 750 x 750 x 1600 dpi, 16μ - 32μ layers
    Accuracy: 0.001 - 0.002-inch per inch of part dimension
    Supports STL and SLC file formats Other Features
    Four printing modes: HD 32μ layers, HS 32μ layers Ultra HD 29μ layers) or Xtreme HD 16μ layers
    Superior resolution up to 750 x 750 x 1600 dpi in both UHD and XHD mode at build volumes up to 11.75” x 7.3” x 8”
    HS mode increases your productivity by speeding your 3D print output, with simple control in all modes to help you test more ideas faster
    10/100 Ethernet interface;
    remote connectivity via desktop PC with email notification capability
    ProJet Accelerator Software for easy build job setup, submission and job queue management Automatic part placement and build optimization tools, stacking / nesting capability, extensive editing tools
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