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    OPAM Water-cooled Hot End Now on Indiegogo

    Hi Fellow Reprappers,

    I have just launched my indiegogo campaign on All Metal Hot End (Water-cooled) as per:


    In summary, the distinct features of my hot end design:
    1) A truly One Piece All Metal (OPAM)design (where nozzle, heater block & heater cartridge is combined into one single piece of stainless steel) to remove any filament jams
    2) Water-cooled for high temperature extrusion of up to 350C
    3) Jamless printing of ABS, PLA, PC-ABS & much more!
    4) Compact design (Lightweight of 40 grams)

    Please review/feedback and contribute if it interests you!
    The indiegogo campaign have just been launched. If you are quick, you will be able to get the early bird perk.
    Even if you can't contribute directly, I will appreciate it if you will inform your 3D printing buddies about this new design!
    Thanks for your support!

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