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    BAM&DICE - The new standard for arduino based 3D printer controllers

    Dear Forum members,

    We would like to present you our newest project. The BAM&DICE Arduino Mega shield for 3D printers and other machines.

    This board is fully compatible to the well known RAMPS board. This ensures that all pre existing software for this board works with the BAM shield without modifications.
    The main difference to the RAMPS board is the PCI-E based connector to the stepper drivers. This connector allows much more current for the drivers, compared to the normally used pin headers.
    Also this connector has many more connections, so we also routed SPI and I2C to this connectors. This allows to plug in SPI based stepper drivers and other extension boards like a I2C port extender.

    The main stepper driver intended for 3D printers, will be the DICE-STK. Which can provide up to 3A per phase and hast up to 128x substepping for extra precision.

    The whole project is currently running as a Indiegogo campaign to get enough pre-orders to make production affordable.
    After the campaign all hardware and software will be released as opensource.

    Take a look at:

    We appreciate any comment, suggestions or improvements. Please support us !

    kind regards,
    Dominik - 2PrintBeta

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