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    HAL 9000 🤖 Talking 3D Replica


    I wanted a replica HAL 9000 but I didn't want to buy a premade one. I designed, printed and assembled my own model from scratch with a lot of inspiration from other replicas shared online. It took me 4 days to complete assembly once I had all the parts printed and together.

    I started with the 45mm red arcade button and worked around it making a 3D model on Sketchup. I printed the front faceplate and the box behind it in four different sections. The red arcade button didn't breakdown into paintable parts and needed a lot of taping to prevent overspray. I couldn't print the grill and used an old radio grill for my first attempt. I ordered perforated plastic canvas for future models. Custom single stickers are not easy to get so I ordered a 5 x 5 inch window sticker with a series of different sized HAL 9000 logos on it. I cut out the logo that fit the best.

    I wanted a single audio file (HAL's voice) to play when the red arcade button was pushed so I hired someone to help me with an Arduino based circuit that fits inside this model.

    Complete instructions here.

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