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    What will be the core idea of 3D printing technology?

    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to processes used to create a three-dimensional object in which layers of material are formed under computer control to create an object.

    3d printer how it works ?
    The 3D printing process turns a whole object into thousands of tiny little slices, then makes it from the bottom-up, slice by slice. Those tiny layers stick together to form a solid object. Each layer can be very complex, meaning 3D printer can create moving parts like hinges and wheels as part of the same object.

    1. Custom-made, or customized small objects, made on-the-spot. Whether it is a small commemorative trinket, or a light switch made to order, we are already past "early adopter" stage here. Majority of people realize this is an option now, many people have a friend with a 3D printer or know there are businesses doing this.

    2. Fast prototyping. It's nice to get an idea of how something will look and feel, before you commit to making it, be it a raspberry pi case or a tablet. 3D printing offers fast and easy and cheap mockups. That's significant. 3d printing delhi ncr mumbai pune maharashtra india

    the ONLY area where 3D printing is better than traditional manufacturing methods is there are no startup costs. No startup costs has the following consequences
    1. cheaper manufacturing on small production runs
    2. no penalties to changing the design
    3. generally faster turnaround on small production runs.

    However, it should be noted that 3D printing is generally worse than traditional methods in these other areas:
    1. more expensive on larger production runs
    2. currently less able to achieve detail or surface finish without additional fabrication steps
    3. takes more time per-unit than a fully set-up production line

    When you look at the pros and cons, aside from fast-iteration prototyping for engineering companies, the only other major application for 3D printing would be made-to-order and fully-customized parts through 3d printing machines.

    Prosthetics and other 3d printing medical equipment like braces, casts, and organ scaffolds are candidates for receiving the benefit for 3D printing.

    Devices used by humans ranging from electronics like mice and gamepads, to the controls, and seats of a car, could benefit from 3D printing and full customization 3d printing engineering projects.

    Things that we wear, such as jewellery, glasses, and even shoes would also benefit. Anyone whose measurements are outside the "standard" sizes and size variants will attest that it can be very difficult finding items that fit. 3D printing would ensure perfect fits every time, regardless of what your measurements were.
    investment casting - custom 3d printed jewelry
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