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    Rabbits head STL file

    I'm a complete newbie with no clue what I'm doing, I have access to a 3D printer, at the local library, that requires STL files. I'm with a not for profit and want to do a true Easter Egg hunt this Easter. I want to print 3D versions of Bunny heads and give them to local business to decorate themselves. Then have the public drive through the community and judge the decorated bunny heads. I will be using the 3D models to create forms that I will then used to reproduce the heads. These heads will then be decorated by the business owner, local school and community groups.

    Once compete I will gladly create bunny heads for others.

    I have tried to download the Sandford bunny many times with no success. In reality I don't want the entire bunny I just want the head. If I can get the Sandford bunny head alone or a decent Cartoon character of a bunny head I would be happy. Two files would be great one of the head and another of the ears.

    Who can help me with this fund raising project for the local food bank?

    Many thanks in advance. I also welcome all wisdom and experience.

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