3D Opportunities for Girls

Over the last half decade, MakerGirl has educated 4,000 girls from the ages of 7-10 in areas like 3D printing. Why is early access to 3D printing so important? MakerGirl’s Executive Director, Mary Hadley, tells us why and this program that creates 3D opportunities for girls.

“A major drive for MakerGirl is to create a more equitable field — straight from STEM-experienced leaders who are used to being the only women in a room.

These girls, of course, aren’t the only people affected. Hadley shared the story of one of MakerGirl’s first members, Addy, who “recently moved to the Portland area and is starting her own MakerGirl academy in the Portland area because she wanted to continue with it.”

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and STEAM (adding in the Arts) education is more important than ever for the next generation — but it isn’t always accessible, or equitable.”

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