The Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities

This small cabin is built and furnished with upcycled materials and 3D printed parts.

This cabin located in the Bay Area is pretty unique.

Built by professor the professor Ronald Real with the help of Virginia San Fratello and the students from the Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, the construction is made entirely with upcycled materials and 3D printed parts.

 “This cabin is not just a research project, but because it’s weatherproof and watertight one could actually live in here and sleep in here,” says Real, “it’s a really functional, usable space that demonstrates the potential of 3D printing in construction and architecture.”

Students who contributed to the project say that this new way of combining 3D printing and recycled materials could represent a new path for architecture.

The Cabin of Curiosities was unveiled in May 2018 and it won the 3D Pioneers Challenge, an international additive manufacturing technologies competition.

This video explains how upcycled materials were turned into building materials and furniture to transform the cabin into a habitable space.