Texture Your 3D Prints for Stiffness and Strength!


In this video by YouTuber Stefan from CNC Kitchen, you will learn about new and improved software features that allow you to successfully 3D print with texture. 3D printing in texture has not always been a walk in the park, as it commonly led to issues like warping. The improved technology now makes 3D printing with texture a non – issue. Now that you can successfully accomplish a textured 3D print, here is more about why you should consider doing it.

Adding texture to your 3D prints doesn’t only make them more exciting to look at, they actually make your prints stronger. Large production manufacturers even increase the stiffness and strength of their components by adding texture. Stefan proves this by showing us the texture incorporated in the build of his washing machine.

Stefan showcases how texture allows parts to be stronger with a special example with only a single piece of paper! But you will have to watch the video to check out.

Learn all the details of 3D printing texture on your next print, and how different materials react to the process!