Smoothing 3D Prints to Improve Performance, Specifically PLA


In this video by YouTuber Major Hardware, you will learn more about whether or not smoother prints actually perform better than prints with heavy and exposed layer lines. What has your experience been with rougher prints? Are they not as functional because of that quality? Is smoothing your prints a necessary step in your 3D printing post production process? In addition to whether or not smoothing actually improves a 3D print, you will get to see what happens when you try to smooth PLA with an acetone bath.

Often times ABS is the preferred filament type when post production processes are desired. This is because ABS can be easily smoothed with an acetone bath. Whether or not you can achieve the same results with PLA is up in the air. Major Hardware claims that typically he hasn’t had any success, but wanted to confirm that claim once and for all. If you’re interested to see whether or not you can successfully smooth PLA with an acetone batch you’ll have to watch the full video to uncover the result!

Categories: Design & Process