How Machine Learning Will Unlock The Future of 3D Printing

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MX3D announced a plan two years ago to 3D print an entire steel bridge designed by Joris Laarman. The project really is going forward, with anticipated completion sometime next year and manufacturers are turning to machine learning to help with some of the problems encountered along the way.

“When Laarman first dreamed up the bridge, it was supported by a lattice of struts that branched like an ice crystal. It was to be installed across a canal near Amsterdam’s historical Red Light district. But the bridge has changed radically, for one simple reason: The city found that the design stressed the walls of the canal, and so had to be reengineered. The bridge that’s being printed now more resembles a typical pedestrian structure, though the surface and form still bend and twist fantastically, in a way that could only be done with 3D printing. And that’s the point: To show all kinds of would-be partners what’s possible.”