Glass is the Best Surface

Glass has become the ultimate 3D printing surface. Out of metal, BuildTak, painter’s tape and more there are many reasons why you should print on a glass bed. First you have to see whether or not your printer can use one, where you can find one and lastly the difference between various types of glass.

“If you’ve ever seen a print online that has a supremely shiny, flat surface, it was probably printed on a glass bed. The super smooth nature of the glass itself leads to shiny, smooth, ultra flat prints without added texture.

After your print and the glass bed have cooled, removing the print is a breeze. Sometimes the print will “pop” right off the bed; other times, you can simply pull it off with your fingers. No more tireless scraping, saving you time and effort while reducing the risk of damaging the print upon removal.

Not all glass is created equally. There are 3 main types of glass. Windows, glass jars, and lab equipment all use different types of glass with different properties.”

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