Best MSLA Resin 3D Printers of 2020

Resin 3D printers, also known as LCD printing and MSLA printing, are becoming the talk of the town. Here is a little breakdown including pros and cons of the different resin printer options on the market. The cost of resin 3D printing has reduced greatly, so much so, hobbyists are now able to explore the technology.

If the idea of resin 3D printing is new for you, there are several reasons for the hype. One being that resin 3D printers are capable of printing in extremely fine detail, far more impressive than any filament printer could achieve, and because of this, the post processing isn’t very demanding. However a downfall being that because the build plates tend to be quite small, it isn’t great for large prints.

Elegoo Mars

“Elegoo has been at the forefront of the MSLA revolution, and the Mars is its flagbearer. Based on the Epax design, the Mars is a small 3D printer with an even smaller build plate. If it were an FDM printer, the 60x120mm print area would be laughed out of town, but because it is resin, the volume is respectable.

Because Elegoo are so active in the 3D printing community, and its printers are so reliable and cheap, there is a massive community around the Mars and Elegoo’s coming printer, the Mars Pro. The community has embraced the machine and set about making it even better with printable parts to enhance your experience. One of my favorite additions is the USB extension that lets you plug the USB thumb drive into the front of the machine, and not the back. Whoever thought that reaching round to the back of a machine full of toxic liquid needs a good talking to.

The Elegoo Mars is a fantastic printer for just about anyone. Are you just starting? The Mars is simple to learn, with very few moving parts to go wrong. Maybe you are looking to start a business? The Mars is cheap enough that you could buy several and make yourself a print farm. The possibilities are endless with the Elegoo Mars.”

Pros of the Elegoo mars are the price and extraordinary print quality. The community you will have access to is priceless. The major con of the printer is that the ports are on the back.

AnyCubic Photon

“The printer itself is built solidly with a proper raising door instead of an acrylic cover you have to lift off. The build plate and the vat are made of the same blue anodized metal that looks and feels great. The print quality on the Photon is terrific, and, more importantly, it is consistently amazing. In the time I have been using the Photon, I have had just two failed prints, out of more than 100. Once you have the build plate leveled, and if you don’t move the printer, the Photon will print almost perfect prints continuously.

My biggest complaint about the Photon is my biggest complaint of 3D printers everywhere. It seems like all of the big printer companies got together and decided that putting power buttons and USB ports on the back of their products was a good idea. It isn’t by the way; it’s a terrible idea and needs to go away as soon as possible. Thankfully companies seem to be figuring this out, and many of them are offering more printers with ports on the front.”

That isn’t all! If you want to look into features, pros and cons of the rest of the printers on this “best of” list, read the full article here.

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