A Successful Print Starts with the First Layer

Having a successful print can be reliant on the first layer. If those initial layers are not done right, you can expect to waste time and filament as the final print, put bluntly, will be set up for failure. So what are you supposed to do? Ensure those first layers are done right, which is exactly what you will learn in the video below. If you are having hiccups with the start of your 3D printing process, there are specific areas you should look into. If you are here for preventative measures that is great to. These are the areas to learn about to ensure you don’t run into the issues mentioned.

  • Calibrating Z-offsets
  • What is a wizard?
  • What is an automotic bed leveling wizard?
  • Manual adjustments without wizards
  • Automatic bed leveling without wizards
  • Manual adjustments with wizards
  • Automatic bed leveling with wizards

All of which are touched on in the following video, brought to you by MatterHackers via YouTube.

Categories: Design & Process