3D Printing Tips and Tech: What You Need to Know about 3D ...

3D Printing Tips: What You Need to Know about 3D Printing

After several months of research, I finally felt like I had a good grasp of what 3D printing would entail, but I only knew a very small part of what was coming. The features I found to be important were build size, a heated bed, and whether or not the printer required proprietary filament. I wanted to have the ability to print fairly large objects, this eliminated a large part of the market. I wanted to be able to print an object at least 5” × 5” × 5”, I finally settled with a printer with the build area of 7” × 7” × 7”. This would allow me to print large objects.


Image courtesy of machinedesign.com

From this experience I learned that consumer 3D printers have made huge strides in recent years. At first this technology was only available for businesses and certain people who were willing to pay the high price tag. These machines required a huge initial investment and few if any consumers were able to purchase them.

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