3D Printed Shoe by Nike

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly a 3D printed shoe by Nike, is a great example of how additive manufacturing technology can place a company at the top of it’s category.

“Nike has always been known as one of the top sportswear brands especially when it comes to sneakers. This company founded in 1964 by the University of Oregon’s track and field coach has become a multi billion-dollar giant in the shoe and sportswear industry. This brand has been known for representing some of the greatest athletes of all time including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and more recently Eliud Kipchoge who became the first man to break the two-hour mark for a marathon coming in at one hour fifty-nine minutes.

The shoe that was worn during the record-breaking run was the Nike Zoom Vaporfly, a shoe loved by many runners both amateur and professional. The shoe’s upper unit is made of an extremely light and durable 3D printed fabric. This has made the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 3D the lightest running shoe on the market today.

With the success of 3D printing in the sneaker industry, companies such as Adidas, Under Armour, and Reebok have also been experimenting with the concept. Adidas engineered 3D printed midsoles to put in the Futurecraft 4D project; these shoes were released as a limited edition for $300 and sold out quickly. Under Armour also developed a 3D printed midsole for one of their shoes, the UA Architech. Lastly, Reebok has developed a new material that they are using for 3D printing. It has both liquid elements and a flexible rubber material that they are putting on the top of the shoe to add support and act as the laces.

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