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Design & Process Prototyping

Differentiating the Top Three 3D Printing Techniques

Read on to learn more about those different techniques and how they translate throughout the six step 3D printing process…


Sports Are Incorporating More Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing technology is changing the sporting industry…

Design & Process Prototyping

Make First Print a Good Print

This software will find flaws in your design….


First 3D Printed Pedestrian Bridge

The first 3D printed pedestrian bridge achieves complete design freedom…


Prototypes: CNC or 3D Print?

CNC or 3D printed prototypes? They each have their own pros and cons, balance them to decide which technology is best for you…

3D Metal Printing Magazine Prototyping

Mass Customization Comes to Dentistry

As metal additive manufacturing continues to move from rapid prototyping…

3D Metal Printing Magazine Aerospace Biomedical Innovation Prototyping

A Metal-AM Industry Expert Peers Toward the Future

The overriding trend among users of 3D metal-printing technology, particularly those in regulated industries such as medical and aerospace…