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Architecture Innovation

A Wasp Nest Inspired 3D Printed House

The design of this pod like structure was inspired by a potter wasp hive that is found on the northern hemisphere. The hive is made of mud and shaped like a pot. That is exactly why TECLA looks the way it does…

Design & Process Innovation

New Business Models for 3D printing

To get a clearer understanding of the different business models and what they entail, check out this guide…

Design & Process Innovation

3D Printed Components for 51 Foot Yacht

3D printed technology is used to develop hull molds for a 51 foot yacht…


FDA Must Oversee Medical 3D Printing

3D printing continues to be used in healthcare, so expect to see more regulatory guidelines. Here’s a bit more about how they work…


Production of 3D Printed Lithium-Ion Solid-State Batteries Begins

Check out the benefits associated with 3D printing lithium-ion batteries…


Local Soil Replaces Concrete for 3D Printed Structures

The moldable clay that exists beneath the topsoil in many locations around the world has peaked the interest of scientists at Texas A&M University…


Team of Students Design Award Winning Heat Sink

Mechanical engineering students at Purdue University successfully designed an award winning 3D printable heat sink…


3D Printable Device Can Influence Animal Behavior

“The device is also easily customizable, allowing it to fit the specifications of a number of different experiments.”


Can 3D Printing Really Save the Oil Industry?

The oil industry is discussing a supply chain saver and it is, you guessed it, additive manufacturing…

Defense Innovation

Nuclear Technology Uses 3D Printing

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working to 3D print a nuclear reactor core.