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The pros and cons of 3D printing with polypropylene

Interested in learning more about polypropylene’s future in the 3D printing world?…

3D printing Design & Process

The Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing You Always Needed

The first step is understanding the different options you have and which would be best for your situation and project. If only you had a beginner’s guide to get started…

Design & Process

Porsche Uses 3D Printing for New Bucket Seats

The seats will be available as early as May 2020 in the 911 and 718.

Design & Process

Formulas for Better Resin 3D Printing

This white paper provides formulas to bring your 3D printing resin process to the next level.

Design & Process Innovation

3D Printed "Wood"

Justine Haupt’s project can be confused with real wood…

Design & Process

Multi-Color Filament: 7 Approaches

7 different approaches to nailing multi-color filament 3D printing…

Design & Process

Best MSLA Resin 3D Printers of 2020

Resin 3D printers, also known as LCD printing and MSLA printing, are becoming the talk of the town. Here is a little breakdown including pros and cons of the different

Design & Process

Always Have These Basic Supplies On Hand

Make your life and 3D printing projects so much easier by keeping these basic supplies in stock.

Design & Process

From FDM to Resin

Would you consider a resin 3D printer? If so, make sure you have all the information.

Design & Process

3D Printing Info Starter Pack

You gotta start somewhere. Kick start your 3D printing experience now!