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3D printing Design & Process Innovation

Solar Powered, 3D Printed Car

Australian based competition challenges students to create solar powered, 3D printed…

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3D Printing Acronyms Explained: FDM

A quick introduction to the most popular 3D printing method…

Design & Process

3D Printing Acronyms Explained: SLA

What does SLA mean when talking about 3D printing?

Design & Process

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linear Rail 3D Printers

Are linear rail 3D printers really worth their price?

Architecture Design & Process

Three reasons why 3D printing will transform bathroom and kitchen design

What are the advantages of having 3D printed elements in your kitchen or bathroom?

Design & Process Innovation

Reducing Greenhouse Emissions with 3D Printing

GE sees additive manufacturing as a solution to climate change…

Design & Process Innovation

VOLVO Relies on 3D Printing to Combat Plastic Pollution

Volvo draws on biomimicry to rebuild Sidney’s polluted coast…

Design & Process Innovation

The Metal Printer That Will Revolutionize Additive Manufacturing

Introducing the new large-scale robotic 6-axis metal printer…