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COBOD Prints the Second Ever 3D Printed Building

COBOD successful builds a new version of their first BOD in just three days and with 20 times the productivity.

Architecture Design & Process

Three reasons why 3D printing will transform bathroom and kitchen design

What are the advantages of having 3D printed elements in your kitchen or bathroom?

Architecture Innovation

3D Printing and Construction: the Time Has Come

Startups leveraging additive technology are headed in the right direction…


Introducing a New 3D-Printed Cement That Will Make Buildings Indestructible

Inspired but the complex structure of arthropods shells, researchers developed a new technique to 3D print cement…


Dubai Plans on 3D Printing Buildings

Dubai, the city that is famous for being the home of the highest skyscraper in the world, has now a new strategy to become a unique architectural destination…

Architecture Design & Process

The Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities

This small cabin is built and furnished with upcycled materials and 3D printed parts…